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Today I took my 13 year-old daughter with me to the dollar store. I’ve seen on local online communities people chastising parents for taking their children with them to stores during this pandemic. I’m really afraid of people judging me and I understand the risk, but really they don’t understand my situation. My daughter needs […]

I’m currently watching Ozark, the #2 rated show on Netflix right now. It is absolutely the wrong show for my mood (it’s really gritty) but I’m already committed (I’ve binged 2 1/2 seasons in the last 3 days). I only have 5 episodes left and I must finish. But must you, Quix, really? I don’t […]

If only I could find something else to write about other than how I’m doing, but I can’t. Try, Quix. People are unsettled, but I can’t write about anything ‘settling’ at the moment. For 6 weeks (or has it been 7 or 8?) I’ve had little motivation and wasted away my days. When my kids […]

In my second post today I am going to describe what it’s like to have a neurotic mind. Here were my thoughts during the day: I wake up at 8am. I fell asleep around 2am because my sleep cycle is off. Kids aren’t here because they are at their in-laws. Oh jeez, I can’t even […]