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I was wrong about my 3-month weight loss post. It hadn’t been 3 months – the time since I started my weight loss program had only been 10 weeks. I’m not sure how I was off by 2 weeks. Regardless, I wanted to post my most recent results. I have lost — ::drum roll:: — […]

I got divorced on July 8th and decided to change my last name back to my birth name. So far the process for updating my name on everything has just been a minor annoyance, however changing my name at work has been a thorn in my side. Yesterday I couldn’t work for 4 hours because […]

I no longer feel like I’m drowning. I asked for help at work and I got it. Also, the meds I was out of kicked in again. Last night I had a meal that is not keto-approved. My ex and I went to a Mediterranean restaurant to discuss my daughter’s schooling and I was very […]

I’m on my lunch break. I only just started the work day 2 hours ago and I’m already drowning. I had yesterday off to do my name change stuff because I have to work Saturday. I’ve got 5 big projects on my plate at work and I’m not able to juggle them all. On top […]

I went to bed really late because I had a lot on my mind. Still, I woke up at a decent hour so now I am very tired and have a headache. I have done even more contemplation since last night. And quite a bit of rumination. I have looked back on previous notes I […]