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It’s that time of year! Where I go over what happened in my life for the year. 1st of all, I regret that I haven’t listed a theme song for the past (6?) years that I’ve been doing my year-in-review posts. Here’s what my theme song would be for last year (2021): Better Now, by […]

I’m listening to my top 100 songs from 2021 Spotify “Wrapped.” I’m highly anticipating 2022’s summary, which should be released soon. Boy, my 2021 songs were emotional and punchy, and pop-y, and mostly upbeat. I’m not sure what 2022 will show, but not that. The songs I’ve liked for 2022 don’t move me, the 2021 […]

A song that reminds you of the past summer or a song to drive to: This song reminds me of my divorce this past summer. Yeah – I know – a real bummer topic. It’s more the feelings that the song evokes as the “no more I love you’s” was a fact way before the […]

I took a trip down memory lane. Reviewed my “year in review”s since 2015. Years 2016 and 2021 (last year) I was a bad ass. Those years required the most courage and willpower. This year pales by comparison. I have to remind myself of these things about this year: 1. I’ve lost 25 lbs this […]

I was wrong about my 3-month weight loss post. It hadn’t been 3 months – the time since I started my weight loss program had only been 10 weeks. I’m not sure how I was off by 2 weeks. Regardless, I wanted to post my most recent results. I have lost — ::drum roll:: — […]