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Hi friends! I’ve been busy. I hope you’ve been well. I haven’t felt like blogging, because I typically blog about my growth journey and I don’t feel I’ve grown much recently. But that’s not true. I’ve been dating. And that’s brave. At least that’s what other people tell me. It’s been an emotional journey. Ups […]

My skin was crawling, as if there were bugs on it. I’m still feeling it, but it’s lessened. A result of Prozac. Prozac I took because of my lack of motivation. Having trouble keeping up with my apartment. Despite this, I lost 13lbs last month. Though I haven’t followed my weight-loss regiment these last 2 […]

It’s that time of year! Where I go over what happened in my life for the year. 1st of all, I regret that I haven’t listed a theme song for the past (6?) years that I’ve been doing my year-in-review posts. Here’s what my theme song would be for last year (2021): Better Now, by […]

This last (extended) weekend I visited a good friend out of state, and when I got back I found that…wow, I’m unhappy with my life. I mean, there isn’t a ton to complain about: I’ve got kids who are healthy, a cat that keeps me company, an apartment that is homey and safe, enough money […]

I’ve been on a trip visiting a great friend and, sadly, I have neglected my blog. You may say, But, Quix, you’ve been blogging every day! Well, these were scheduled posts and I haven’t been reading or commenting on blogs. Not that I need to apologize to you, per se, but it is something that […]