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I was wrong about my 3-month weight loss post. It hadn’t been 3 months – the time since I started my weight loss program had only been 10 weeks. I’m not sure how I was off by 2 weeks. Regardless, I wanted to post my most recent results. I have lost — ::drum roll:: — […]

I took a risk and decided to talk to my friend about something that had been bothering me. Well, it was over text but I’ll see her Thursday. I decided to be vulnerable. And she didn’t reject me. But my brain says, “not yet.” I came to accept that if she were to reject me […]

I skated 4 miles in a circle and my lower back and hips are so sore. My outer thighs and knees have a pleasant workout burn. Overall, great workout. I’d like to work myself up to at least 2x that distance but that’ll take some time. I was invited to the parking lot to skate […]