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A song on the soundtrack of your favorite movie or a song you never tire of: I definitely tire of this song, as it’s depressing, but it’s the main song from one of my favorite movies, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

A song that makes you hopeful or a song that makes you happy: This song makes me feel both. I think this is one of the most romantic songs out there, and it is soooooo cheesy, but I love it. It just makes me feel all warm and have lovey feelings. Yay to 80’s love […]

A song that reminds you of your first love or a song about drugs and alcohol. How about both? Oh boyyy, Quix, this is going to be good! I chose the below song because it’s about “staying high” to get over heartbreak. Well, this song perfectly encapsulates the feeling during one of my mixed (depressive/manic) […]

I must be whipped! I must be flogged! No, that’s too kinky for this blog! I like to keep it PG-rated if possible. Unless my audience wants PG-13, then I’m sure I could come up with something…LOL Anyway, I should probably do two posts today to make up for it. And, you might be wondering, […]