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Hi friends! This one is a long post. I haven’t been able to blog. I’m just so stressed out, at all times. Primarily by what’s happening at home. Last night my son and I spent the night at my in-laws’ (along with my daughter who has been living there). We’ve still got rats in our […]

I have an account with Spotify and it suggests music I might like based on my listening history. I’ve noticed a trend: songs from bad ass bitches. Here are some of the songs it’s recommended that I love: Feel free to add your own list in the comments. I’m always open to listening to something […]

Here is Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon’s rendition of You Spin Me Round (Like a Record): It’s just as ridiculous as the original (in the best way): I’ve always loved this song. Now it’ll be stuck in my head all day.

I can’t get over how much I love this song: This song just rocks. It’s like my foot has a mind of it’s own and is tapping in rhythm on it’s own accord: And not a new song to me, but I’d never heard this cover before. I like the Eurythmics but I might like […]