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I’m taking this moment to write where I’m only feeling moderate discomfort, as opposed to a great deal of pain. A couple days ago rather than go for a walk, I unpacked my dusty old Total Gym and did a bunch of “easy” exercises. Really, the exercises felt pretty easy, especially compared to my experience […]

Hi friends! Second post of the day. Just wanted to get in a little bit about my day this time. In the morning I had a tele-therapy appointment with my therapist. As usual, I talked 95% of the time and came up with my own plan for the week. Sometimes this leads me to think […]

I practically squealed when I saw that Netflix had come out with an interactive special for the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. If you don’t already know, Kimmy Schmidt is a Netflix comedy series starring Ellie Kemper, who played the naive and bubbly Erin from the American version of The Office (one of the best comedy series […]

Today I visited and walked through Airlie Gardens. It only took an hour (at a very slow pace in order to take pictures) and so after my walk, I sat under the HUGE 400-year-old live oak tree and just meditated for an hour. I felt a little let down by my walk because it was […]