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Yesterday I went to my book club. That’s right, I was taken off the wait list because enough people couldn’t go. It felt awkward again. Didn’t feel like I connected much with the ladies but it was good to get out and do a social event. Again, discussion questions were passed around and we had […]

We are down to 14 backpacks out of the 130 we had to distribute at work for our Christmas in July bookbag program. Every time I get another backpack distributed I can highlight that row in green on Excel and I get a little dopamine hit. It’s fun. Anyway, tomorrow is going to be a […]

It’s 9 p.m. I’ve taken my evening meds and I’m winding down for the evening. Today went well. At work we distributed over 50 back packs. We only have 25 left. Some parents will be picking them up later in the week. Friday is going to suck because I’m going to have to say goodbye […]

I’m afraid a decision I made will make me lose my new IRL (in real life) friends. Hear me out and let me know what you think. I had told Jillian (not her real name, for the sake of anonymity) that I would seriously consider adopting her neighbor’s stray kitty. She texted me today and […]

It always happens when I drop my kids off at their dad’s: I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut with loneliness. I find ways to distract myself, of course, but if I’m without them for too long the lonely ache leads to soul-crushing depression. Their dad and I have decided to switch to […]