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Hi friends! So, the big worry right now is making sure I don’t slip into a depressive episode. I see my therapist and psychiatrist today in an hour and I will discuss this with them. The way I’m dealing with this is to have a structured routine, which ::knock on wood:: I’ve been able to […]

So, I told all the people that are important that I quit my job. I thought they’d judge me. If they are, they are doing it silently, which is my preferred way to be judged. I picked up a planner/scheduler at the bookstore that allows you to structure your day and keep track of your […]

Well, not dancing FOR her, exactly, but she certainly seemed amused at my dancing. As amused as a cat can seem, which just means she was staring at me while I was dancing. I did a semi-quick read of the summary of my life for years 2021 (the post I just wrote yesterday), 2020, 2019, […]

Hello, 2022! (I would have written this yesterday but I had a bit of a hangover…shocker) 2022 is going to be a good year. I’m positive about this. I have no precognition about how it’s going to go, however I see the pattern of last year, see how my mind-state has shifted and, from that, […]

I hope you survived Xmas too (that is, if you celebrate it). Working at the hospital, starting a week ago, I’d hear, “Merry Christmas” at least 10x a day. So much for the war on Christmas! My Christmas was ok. I didn’t cry, which may be a first in many years. So from that perspective, […]