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As a hobby I like to take pictures with my (phone) camera. Here are my favorites of 2017: Winter in New England: “Winter” in North Carolina: My daughter’s two least favorite things (I offered to buy these discounted shirts for her and she shivered in disgust): In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: Also in Myrtle Beach: […]

Aren’t boys supposed to eat you out of house home when they become teenagers and not when they are nine? Holy cow, my son is only 68lbs and he easily eats more calories than a grown man requires. Took him to the doctor to check him out because he’s tired and achey and they told […]

I got a promotion today at work!!! (Well, I moved up to the next pay scale because of my excellent performance so it’s more of a raise than promotion). Yay me!!!!

Having gotten to know several individuals born in the mid-80’s to early-90’s (now about 25 – 32 years old) one of the things I’ve noticed they hate is the term “Millennial.” Why? Because “Millennials” are supposedly narcissistic, entitled, lazy, overly-sensitive snowflakes (gah, how I hate that term!). Now, maybe I’ve just gotten lucky but the […]

I got this post idea from Ubi Dubium , she got it from Shameful Sheep. Here I answer 25 questions about me: 1. Who are you named after? Quixie comes from the word quixotic which means “foolishly impractical in the pursuit of ideals” capricious or unpredictable. Hey, I like to think so. My real name […]