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“You” is a psychological thriller streaming on Netflix about a bookstore owner who falls in love with a woman and obsessively starts stalking her. Much of the story takes place from the stalker’s sick point of view, but regardless his character (Joe Goldberg) is so likable that viewers of the show have claimed that he’s […]

I have my “work” mode and my “home” mode. At work I am organized and clean. At home I’m cluttered and dirty. At work I have bright colors, birthday cards, employee notes of praise, flowers, punny sayings, and mementos up and neatly displayed in order to make my environment more “homey.”  At home I have […]

I spent less than $10 and got all of these: All the childrens books had been donated to local schools as some of the libraries were destroyed due to flooding from Hurricane Florence. Despite this, my kids got lucky with book finds themselves. My son bought books on cooking, painting, a New England nature guide, […]

For the first time in many years I hung out with someone in real life, just the two of us. My co-worker suggested an ice cream shop and she and I spent four hours there chatting. It was delightful. A year ago she was my desk-neighbor at work and I found her so unique in […]

The ’90s  is currently “in” now (this makes me feel very old) and I’m watching a series on Netflix series called The Nineties, produced by Tom Hanks. It’s quite good and I’m finding it really interesting watching the history of the 90’s as an almost 40-year-old, as it differs quite a lot from my perspective of […]

Do I remember the last time I got invited to a Halloween party? Or any type of party? Nope! Oh…I let it sink in how sad that is. Back to happy now: One of my coworkers left what looked to be a vintage hardback novel wrapped in twine on my desk. When I opened it […]

During my time escaping Florence I watched “You’ve Got Mail” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. To be honest, I typically hate Rom-Coms. Why? They’re cliche. Predictable tropes. Plus…it sets unrealistic standards for romantic relationships, which I think is harmful to society. Yet, I surprisingly enjoyed the movie. Why? I think nostalgia, mostly. Here is […]