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Today I spent 2 hours at the Wilmington Records Show. I got 35 vinyls. Yes, 35. I went a little overboard! There was nothing modern, which was disappointing, but here’s what I got: Billy Joel – An Innocent Man Genesis – Invisible Touch Peter Gabriel – So Phil Collins – No Jacket Required Simon and […]

Compliance, Claims, Complaints, Contracts. Policies, procedures, protocols. And the word “utilizing”, like, 1000x. What an ugly word. BUT it’s still a good job. Tomorrow I “meet” my team (virtually)! Today I finished assembling my nonfiction bookcase: And I organized my fiction bookcase: (Top shelf: classic literature. Second shelf: bestsellers. Third shelf: other good books) See, […]

For the first time in several months, I am sitting outside on my patio, writing a blog post while I have a drink. The reason I’m outside is that I was inside my bedroom all day, doing day one orientation on my new work laptop. Most of the day was good, the last 2 1/2 […]

I got a new job! I got the offer a couple weeks ago. It starts on March 1. It’s for a local governmental agency that manages mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse issues. I’m going to be an “engagement specialist” or a “provide support service specialist.” Basically, I’ll answer questions from physicians about their […]

I have 40 books that I have to read from my library book sale and I couldn’t decide on the order. So I decided to rank them per their Goodreads score. And read them in that order. Which, sounds like it’d be a bad idea because you would progressively read worse books. HOWEVER, I found […]