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It always happens when I drop my kids off at their dad’s: I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut with loneliness. I find ways to distract myself, of course, but if I’m without them for too long the lonely ache leads to soul-crushing depression. Their dad and I have decided to switch to […]

I got my car professionally cleaned (the inside was really nasty) and bought some new clothes. I did some laundry, some cleaning, a nap, and a little bit of reading. My daughter is back with me and talking to me about her mood swings. I’m watching, Never Have I Ever on Netflix. I don’t have […]

Well, book club tonight was disappointing. It’s because the group had grown to 10 people and that was a bit overwhelming to me. I didn’t enjoy my time and I didn’t connect with anyone. I just wanted to get it over with. I guess I can think of it as growing my social muscles. I’m […]

I’m currently watching Erased, an anime series on Netflix with my daughter. This 29-year-old pizza delivery guy is able to step into his 11-year-old self during a time when he could have prevented the kidnapping and murder of a fellow classmate. It’s really good. And my daughter and I are having a good time watching […]

My kids are back with me! It’s my custody time. We have done the Exchange, but this time we didn’t do dinner all together. I dunno, my ex and I didn’t feel up to it. We exchanged pleasant conversation for 10 minutes and that was about it. The kids have been mostly at my ex’s […]