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Life Doesn’t Make Narrative Sense

So, what do you believe now that you don’t believe in God? I’m at a loss on how to answer that question. It doesn’t feel relevant. I suppose a good retort would be: What do I believe about what, exactly? About how the earth formed? What is the purpose of our lives? What is LOVE?… Continue reading Life Doesn’t Make Narrative Sense

Swinging at Moody Park · Twirly Whirly Girly

I Want To Quit

Oh yeah I was the shit.  Well… truth was I was actually scared as shit.  I started the New Recruit roller derby training program 9 weeks ago. Since then I’ve met the minimum attendance requirements of 14 practices and there is one more officical practice to go before assessments.EEK! I say minimum because there were quite a few… Continue reading I Want To Quit