Category: Swinging at Moody Park

I have a carb app where I’m tracking everything I put into my mouth. I’m feeling hungry a lot and putting more calories into my mouth than I still need for my ideal weight, though my calories are still a deficit and are likely half of the calories I was putting into my body on […]

I had to work Saturday. It was the first Saturday we were open, and we got no calls. I had today off and was supposed to take my car in for inspection, and Lucy to the vet, but I didn’t get enough sleep and so I canceled those appointments and slept half the day. I’ve […]

I spent most of the day today recovering from a hangover. In fact, I’m still tired and will retire early. Last night I went out with the ladies from my bookclub. We had drinks and tacos. I spent yesterday afternoon buying a new wardrobe from a nice thrift store, because my previous clothes were too […]

One year ago I moved out of my ex-husband’s house and into my own apartment. In the state of North Carolina, you must live in separate residences for a year before you can file for divorce. I file for divorce on Tuesday (it’s the weekend and then there is Memorial Day, so Tuesday is the […]

Can you believe it? In only 8 days I’ll have lived in my apartment for 1 year!!! The soonest I can file for divorce (when the court opens) will be May 31st. I have taken that day off and have set a date with my book club friends to celebrate downtown. I have skated a […]