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One more week, then I can start writing more as I’ll have a 2 week break. Just have to finish my final exams. I’m hoping I can keep my A’s because it’d be really great to start my college do-over with a 4.0 GPA. I’ve worked my ass off for those A’s. A paralegal friend […]

No. You are NOT! Are THESE people OLD? These people who are your age. Are they old? Well, no. BUT… They’ve accomplished SO much. They know who they are and are well established in their careers. And then here I am. I feel like I keep starting over, and over, and over and over. What […]

Just got word that I’ve been accepted into an Occupational Therapy Assistant program at the local college for the Fall. Three months ago when I quit my job I’d had no success at obtaining employment that was even quasi-professional and that kind of thing breaks you down. Tired of employers not finding my skills valuable. […]

I have. Four times. And I’m going to share with you my honest opinion, because I have mixed feelings. That’s not true: actually, I think floating in massive amount of epsom salt in the dark is beneficial for your muscles and your brain. Many scientific studies (which I’m too lazy to link here) back that […]

I think my Abnormal Psych professor should take my Communications professor’s course. I’m just sayin’ that she could learn a thing or two. Because her poor communication skills are driving mad.

I created a Twitter account this weekend and I’m already thinking about deleting it. I have eschewed Twitter over the years, believing it to be evil incarnate. Really, Quix? Evil in the flesh. ::shrug:: I don’t know, friends I just like the way that phrase sounds. The truth of the matter is that Twitter is […]

So, what I’d like to know is how does one become less neurotic? I’m asking for a friend. No, of course not. I’m asking for myself. I am very neurotic and I know it. Not just from the Big 5 personality test, but any test in general, plus it’s obvious based on how much I’m […]