Category: Swinging at Moody Park

In my second post today I am going to describe what it’s like to have a neurotic mind. Here were my thoughts during the day: I wake up at 8am. I fell asleep around 2am because my sleep cycle is off. Kids aren’t here because they are at their in-laws. Oh jeez, I can’t even […]

Yep, I did my civic duty. Didn’t want to wait in line on Super Tuesday so I got it done today when there was no line. Yay, me! On the way into the polling place I saw the library used book sale was being set up. Oh nooo. I previously said if I didn’t read […]

I’m struggling. I’m having trouble doing stuff. I don’t know about other people, but I flounder when I don’t have outside obligations forcing a schedule to work around. I’m grateful that I at least have school-aged children. I have to get my children up in the mornings 5x/a week, help get them ready and take […]

More samples! So I don’t have to pay $1,000 a month for them. When I told her about my dramatic weight gain and anhedonia she said a decrease in my new med might help me. Huh? I asked, How could decreasing the medication help me? Then she pulled out a bunch of charts about this […]

Today I’m feeling more anhedonia. That is, no matter what I do I’m not getting any sense of well-being or pleasure, at all. I need me some dopamine. You’d be surprised how much you need it to feel well. Right now I’m feeling an antsy sense of boredom. Typically I can get over this by […]