Category: Swinging at Moody Park

Today was a slower day at work and because it was quiet I was able to work through some of the emotions I’ve been feeling. Primarily, doom. And shame. And fear of failure. When I get like this I completely lose my self-confidence and think that nothing good is happening, and nothing good will happen. […]

Hi friends! Second post of the day. Just wanted to get in a little bit about my day this time. In the morning I had a tele-therapy appointment with my therapist. As usual, I talked 95% of the time and came up with my own plan for the week. Sometimes this leads me to think […]

In my last post, I stated if I didn’t write a cover letter for a job application then I’d write a post to explain why. The truth is I don’t believe anything will ever work out, which I also wrote in my last post. When I decided to just write the cover letter anyway, my […]

Yesterday I was quite pathetic. And I really mean that. It was Mother’s Day and I was really tired of being a mother and not appreciated so I threw a pity-party for myself and stayed secluded the whole day. At the end of the day, I told everyone that I’d like to see them. Could […]

I feel weak and sleepy. I check my heart rate throughout the day and it’s about 10 bpm less than usual. I check my blood pressure. It’s low. I’m ready to just roll over and succumb to whatever it is that is trying to kill me. I’m just too tired. Isn’t it possible that you […]