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A while back when I was experiencing a happy time in my life my therapist advised me to not hold onto the emotion so tightly. Everything comes and goes. Our identity and well-being cannot be tied to external things that will change. I recently thought back to a time that brought me great happiness and […]

It’s been 53 hours since I last took the antidepressant and I’m feeling mostly back to myself. Last night I took my regular dose of my antipsychotic as well and I slept the whole night and well into the afternoon. I wish I had the words to describe how awful being on that medication was […]

Note: Shortly after I wrote this I talked to my psychiatrist and he’s getting me back on my regular regime that I had a few weeks ago. I write this as I wait for my psychiatrist to call me back. I’m supposed to see him on Tuesday but several people in my life have told […]

I spent most of the day in my own little bubble with my earbuds in my ear listening to Spotify. I didn’t want to read (so don’t, no one’s making you). There was a brief moment or two today where I almost felt like myself (almost). I got out of the house. I went for […]

Someone posted this tweet on their Facebook feed: And I thought, Oh god – I’m not the only one who feels this way! Wading through chili. Yes, time seems very, very slow at this time. I find myself looking at the clock a lot and wondering when this will end. When what will end? That’s […]