Category: Swinging at Moody Park

I know it’s a bit class-less to post about it online but, well, here I am. I feel dizzy and confused. Why? Obviously, I saw this coming and we’ve talked about it in great detail (as I’m an awesome Mom and all) but I wasn’t prepared for this onslaught of emotions. I feel equally proud […]

In the 15 months I’ve had this job I have NOT: Had any mood disturbances that would clinically classify as having a depressive or manic episode. Lost my badge/key (not even once – total improvement from my normal flightiness)! Displayed any disordered behavior – nothing would indicate to anyone I have a mood disorder despite […]

Last night I got some unexpected good news: I was offered the position that had applied for a month ago and got turned down for. Without reapplying. Waaa? I am an still in shock and can only presume that over the course of the past few weeks I have “proved” myself. I have sought to […]

I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Type 2 in October 2015. Since thenĀ I’ve had hundreds of hours of therapy to undo 20 years of harmful thinking and tried about 10 different medications and have finally found the one right for me (Lamictal). I’ve had to “reprogram” my brain to learn effective ways of thinking so […]

Not knowing where I’ll be living in 2 months is unsettling and I’m nearly constantly thinking about it. I have housing phone apps alerting me of new rentals many times a day. **Buzzz** **Buzzz** **Buzzz** Last night I found the perfect place, or so I thought. I’ve browsed through several dozen properties over the past […]

My apologies for skipping last week’s post! My natural defense to life’s difficulties is to run and hide. We were informed by our landlord that we will have to move out of our rental in June because they want to sell the property. This sucks for multiple reasons: a great increase in housing costs for […]