Category: Swinging at Moody Park

Damn, yesterday I was grouchy. I watched the new Star Wars and nearly fell asleep 5x (it was IMAX and big booming noises ironically put me to sleep). I was even grouchier getting out of the movie theater because I saw a distant in-law, who made a sexist comment about the feminist agenda in movies […]

I often, like many many times a day, beat myself up for not doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Sometimes a good stern talking to myself will kick me in the pants and get me off my ass. But most often it just leaves me feeling ashamed and despondent, thus not being very helpful […]

Today was my 7th float and it was TWO hours! Just prior to my float appointment I had just finished walking in the park. I only walked a mile and a half, as I had to make it to my appointment in time, which really bummed me out because I wanted to walk further. I […]

I wrote 42 posts last month!  So yeah, definitely beat anything I ever did for November’s Nano Poblano. I appreciate all the new followers (HEY – WELCOME NEW FRIENDS!) I don’t care much about the #s and stats, other than what I’ve been writing about seems to be reaching a wider audience and that is […]

I’m still mopey about not being invited to a New Year’s Eve party and having no friends who are available to drink and be merry with. Everyone is posting on Facebook about how they are going to celebrate in their jammies this year and how that is a great thing, and I’m over here thinking […]

A couple days ago I wrote a draft post about my ‘born again’ experience and it’s one of those posts that you want ‘out there’ but after you give it a day or two to think on it you realize you’d rather not post it. Does that ever happen to you? Why not share it? […]

anhedonia = loss of pleasure Nothing feels good right now. It’s like there is an empty void. I look around and wonder what I should be doing and I’m at a loss. Typically I can comfort myself with YouTube or shows on a streaming service. That isn’t working anymore. It’s also difficult to connect with […]