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Well, not dancing FOR her, exactly, but she certainly seemed amused at my dancing. As amused as a cat can seem, which just means she was staring at me while I was dancing. I did a semi-quick read of the summary of my life for years 2021 (the post I just wrote yesterday), 2020, 2019, […]

Hello, 2022! (I would have written this yesterday but I had a bit of a hangover…shocker) 2022 is going to be a good year. I’m positive about this. I have no precognition about how it’s going to go, however I see the pattern of last year, see how my mind-state has shifted and, from that, […]

Today was one of the best weekend days I’ve had in a while. I didn’t sleep the day away, which was a big departure from my norm, and I made a list and accomplished everything on that list. My day started with Lucy (my cat) waking me up. She was pissed that no one else […]

Wow, looking at my very first post from 7 years ago got my gears really spinning. If you are interested in what I wrote you can scroll down to below the asterisks. It was written from when I was a Christian and very idealistic and feeling like God was about to change my life. What […]

Today is going well. I don’t hate work today. I’m getting along well with one of my co-workers in the same role and several of the therapists are getting comfortable with me. Overall, I’m still uncomfortable, and there are hours at a time where I am bored, and I don’t exactly like my job, but […]