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Today is going well. I don’t hate work today. I’m getting along well with one of my co-workers in the same role and several of the therapists are getting comfortable with me. Overall, I’m still uncomfortable, and there are hours at a time where I am bored, and I don’t exactly like my job, but […]

Well, yesterday’s post was cathartic. Today was the first day I was in a happy mood at this job. Actually, yesterday I was somewhat happy because I had a high from the successful interview. But today I don’t mind my job so much. I’ve been joking around, enjoying people’s company, etc. Weird. Actually, not so […]

I just hung out with a couple of my new friends. We had a game night. We drank some cocktails and played games. It was fun. It’s bizarre, this people reaching out to me because they want to hang out with me. I have to remind myself that I’m interesting. At least to some people. […]

It’s been nearly a week since I last wrote. I’ve found that I’ve been really anxious recently and it’s hard for me to focus on anything except my anxious thoughts. I spoke with my psychiatrist about this and he increased my anxiety medication. Of course I’m anxious: kids just went back to school this week; […]

Yesterday I went to my book club. That’s right, I was taken off the wait list because enough people couldn’t go. It felt awkward again. Didn’t feel like I connected much with the ladies but it was good to get out and do a social event. Again, discussion questions were passed around and we had […]