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This is a long post, my friends. I guess when I don’t blog for a while it builds up. Today I sat with my grief and it kicked my ass. I wondered if I had known a year ago what I’d go through this year would I have made different decisions? and the answer is…yes. […]

Which is a big deal for me as it’s hard to get out of bed these days. I took pics. The usual red-tailed hawk wasn’t at the park but I took a picture of this egret strolling about: Then I took pictures of the sidewalk. 2nd pic is zoomed in 3x. 3rd picture is zoomed […]

My emotions are numb so I hardly feel anything, except for shame. That’s an emotion I can feel. I also can hardly think. So I can’t write. Wait, I’m writing now, aren’t I? I’m trying to, at least. When one has depression mind-mush it’s hard to explain anything. It’s hard to answer the question of […]

Most of my day sucked but my evening has been better than most. The difference was that I helped my son go through his backpack and get rid of all these loose papers. He’s like me – he’s a disorganized mess – but somehow he still manages to make the honor roll. Anyway, it made […]