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I spent less than $10 and got all of these: All the childrens books had been donated to local schools as some of the libraries were destroyed due to flooding from Hurricane Florence. Despite this, my kids got lucky with book finds themselves. My son bought books on cooking, painting, a New England nature guide, […]

For the first time in many years I hung out with someone in real life, just the two of us. My co-worker suggested an ice cream shop and she and I spent four hours there chatting. It was delightful. A year ago she was my desk-neighbor at work and I found her so unique in […]

The ’90s  is currently “in” now (this makes me feel very old) and I’m watching a series on Netflix series called The Nineties, produced by Tom Hanks. It’s quite good and I’m finding it really interesting watching the history of the 90’s as an almost 40-year-old, as it differs quite a lot from my perspective of […]

It’s a common misconception that human trafficking in the U.S. involves strangers kidnapping young women and taking them overseas to sell them into sex slavery. Well, that does happen but that’s not the typical story. Most often the young teen fall in love with a much older sweet-talking boyfriend who gives them the love that […]

Crazy Ex- Girlfriend is really killing it with this season’s musical numbers.  The level of talent from the writers is out of this world.  The songs are catchy, humorous, and entirely relatable. Check these out (IMO, in order of ‘worst’ to ‘best’, though all of them are fantastic): Avoidance and Procrastination (Yah, I Can’t Relate…):  […]

I’m not so great at handling anger. Typically I internalize it. My work place has, once again, made me very angry and I’m attempting to channel my anger into something productive, like job searching. In order to gain independence, and to move my career in the direction I’d like it go, I need to obtain […]

Is “exploitation” too strong of a word for what happens in Christian ministry? I feel radical even in the suggestion. Certainly, Christians are doing good work. Christian charities are excellent in helping house, clothe, and feed people. But at what cost? There are many, many Christians with “good hearts” who would never want to hurt […]