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I’m going goo goo and gah gah all over the store while clothing shopping for my brother. Like I’m a kid in a candy store. Nope – I’m just a Quix in a winter-weather store. The fluffy scarfs! The fluffy socks! The fluffy hats! The fluffy gloves! (I’m not sure if ‘fluffy’ is the right […]

Do I love the pink winter boots I found at the thrift store? Yes, I do. Are they super cute? Yes, they are. Sooo cute. Bonus? They go with my floral leggings! πŸŒΊπŸŒΈπŸŒ·πŸ΅οΈβ‡οΈ ~Q

Last night my 13 year-old daughter called me from her grandparents’ to talk about Godzilla and Winter Wonderland and drawing dragons and discussed which restaurant she wanted to eat at, and when I told her I had to hang up so I could go meet my mother who just got into town she calmly and […]

Last week I shared with my therapist that constantly surrounding myself with dark or unsettling things (true crime shows, or the impeachment process, for example) helps me to distract myself from the helplessness of my reality. Her response: “Well, I like these things too and there is nothing wrong with liking these things, but mix […]

As I walked up to my son’s school for his 5th grade celebration I noticed a woman walking in front of me next to a man heading the same direction. I assumed the woman to be a student at the elementary school at first because of her height, but her body language suggested otherwise and […]

Hi friends! Help me with my homework. I’m supposed to interview folks of all ages in real life or on social media about words that people used to use from the 1990s and earlier (example: in the ’70s someone being a “FOX” used to describe someone who was cute) OR words used in 2000s and […]

I suddenly realized that I have a very different look now and upon thinking about it, it bothered me that you still picture me with long brown hair. Because that is not my hairstyle anymore. I cannot say that I’m happy with my new look in its current state, however, a couple of months ago […]