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I haven’t stuck to my keto diet in 2 weeks and, despite this, I have lost another pound from my lower weight a couple weeks ago. This is despite going on vacation last week and eating some higher fried and fatty foods. Despite this, my diet for the past few weeks has been far fewer […]

Well, my diet isn’t going well. I haven’t been on it for a week. I’ve gained 2lbs, but I’m sure it’s water weight. Here’s the thing, it’s really hard to eat keto out. And I’m out and about a significant amount of time. And, frankly, I don’t enjoy it. The low carb food, that is. […]

So, I remember trying to make my marriage work about 8 years ago, and what pushed me over the edge towards wanting a divorce was evaluating my emotional needs ala Marriage Builders, which is an online Christian coaching program. Rather than bringing me closer to my husband as intended, it shocked me how much my […]

I had a double shot of gin my way home before my flight back home, with a side of pulled pork burger and fries. Then I went to another stop and had an IPA. Then, in my next stop I had a total of two IPAs. So, a total of 4 drinks. And someone for […]

I’m flying to visit a long-time friend who I originally met online. We’ve known each other for many years online and met for the first time last year. I’m looking forward to the visit again. I’m hoping at some point that I’ll be able to meet some of my other long-term online friends. Whoever says […]