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Can you believe at the end of this month it’ll be a year since I separated from my husband/moved into my apartment and that I’ll finally be able to FILE FOR DIVORCE! Woot woot! I even went to my first Divorce Support Group. Boy was that…interesting. I wrote about it here. So, what have I […]

Well, I’m official separated from my spouse. Yesterday started the year-long separation before we can legally divorce in this state (North Carolina). We have to sleep in different residences for a year and show evidence that we intended to separate. We are only a couple months or so away from having everything sorted out so […]

A little late, as Biden was sworn in earlier today, but can I just say how relieved I am that we don’t have that dangerous narcisstic idiot as our president anymore? If I were religious I’d be singing “Hallelujah!” Or maybe I’ll sing this instead (it definitely goes along with the mood):