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In my job search today, I found that my former employer (the one I hate) has a competitor, that they are hiring, and that I am highly qualified for the position. I didn’t even know this company exists, but I’m so glad they do. When I found the job posting I immediately drafted a kick-ass […]

Which is a big deal for me as it’s hard to get out of bed these days. I took pics. The usual red-tailed hawk wasn’t at the park but I took a picture of this egret strolling about: Then I took pictures of the sidewalk. 2nd pic is zoomed in 3x. 3rd picture is zoomed […]

At my last job on day 3 I was doing the office manager’s job while she was out sick, which was just ridiculous. Turns out the office manager, who’d been there for over 10 years, was looking to leave. I know this because apparently, I’m still on the employee email list. If I were still […]

I’m writing from the public library in my pajama pants and she-devil sweater. (A red sweater with a female icon like you’d see on a public bathroom door, only with horns and a tail). I’m having a bad hair day and so it looks like I just jumped out of bed (I pretty much did), […]

My husband and I mutually decided that we are not going back to our family therapist and will be finding another therapist. He agrees she was borderline abusive. We agreed on something – progress! In other news, I’m feeling really bored. I don’t feel any sense of intensity at the moment, which feels a little […]

I contacted my vocational rehab counselor again and am hoping to hear back from him soon. I worked with him late 2016/early 2017. I’m hoping he can help me find a job that I can sustain given my limitations. From the North Carolina DVRS site: The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS) helps people with […]

Sometimes I wish I weren’t me. Like today. That I didn’t give a fuck what people thought of me and I didn’t have these pesky things called emotions tormenting me. It’s making me isolate and not communicate. At least I’m out and about, though. I’m at the library. Normally I’d hide from the public. I’ve […]