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I’ve been a little overwhelmed by a program that was in the works at my job. We were to coordinate 150 families coming by our office this next week to get extra food funded by the government. They were to drive around the very small parking lot of our commercial complex to pick up the […]

Did you miss me? 😜 I finally went for a walk yesterday. It had been three weeks. It was the first time in forever that it wasn’t oppressively hot. It was raining so a bit mucky but I’m proud of myself for going. Here are some pics from my walk: In other news, things are […]

I can’t say that I “like” the job, but it is definitely well-suited for me at the moment. For the most part, it is non-stressful. About a quarter of my day, if not more, I am doing nothing. There is nothing to respond to and nothing to do. There were a few exceptions where it […]

Boy, am I pooped. My coworker (the office coordinator) was about the same level of frazzled and forgetful as yesterday. Today a couple times I brought her attention to when she was dialing the wrong number or in the wrong account so that she didn’t have to waste time trying to correct the mistake. I […]

Today I was in the office I’ll actually be working in. The place is extremely small, but I do get my own office (the first time I’ve ever had my own office!) There is only one other paid employee and two volunteers (each of whom I only see a few times a day), so it’s […]