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Just got word that I’ve been accepted into an Occupational Therapy Assistant program at the local college for the Fall. Three months ago when I quit my job I’d had no success at obtaining employment that was even quasi-professional and that kind of thing breaks you down. Tired of employers not finding my skills valuable. […]

I can’t drive more than a mile without seeing a Now Hiring! sign which, honestly, feels surreal and a bit creepy. Since the U.S Recession (2007-2009) I’ve spent a great deal of time hunting for work and I’ve never seen anything like this. I’d like to jump for joy in how well the economy is […]

Tomorrow is my last day working for my current employer. I leave dizzy and forgetful due to my elevated blood pressure, bitter and self-questioning, knowing I gave it my very all and wondering why I didn’t get out sooner, even at the suggestion of my psychiatrist and physician a year ago, but understanding myself to […]

I have an interview tomorrow. Same employer (boo), different department (yay!). Boring job. Oh I so hope I get it! Please let me have some boredom! I can’t be stressed at home AND at work. Well, let me rephrase that: I obviously can function as I have been for some time, but I’ve got no […]

I went to my work holiday party and it was not horrible. Though, the day prior to the event, and leading up to when I arrived, I felt all twisty inside my guts. This was the second party I attended in the last decade (I think?). Unless you count group meetings at church events or […]

I have my “work” mode and my “home” mode. At work I am organized and clean. At home I’m cluttered and dirty. At work I have bright colors, birthday cards, employee notes of praise, flowers, punny sayings, and mementos up and neatly displayed in order to make my environment more “homey.”  At home I have […]

Well, I killed it today at my interview at the DA’s office with the District Attorney himself, after the 5 panel interview last week. His minions did the weeding out the candidates and I made the cut. My meeting with DA was easy by comparison, and consisted mostly of his getting to know my personality and […]