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Tomorrow is my last day working for my current employer. I leave dizzy and forgetful due to my elevated blood pressure, bitter and self-questioning, knowing I gave it my very all and wondering why I didn’t get out sooner, even at the suggestion of my psychiatrist and physician a year ago, but understanding myself to […]

I have an interview tomorrow. Same employer (boo), different department (yay!). Boring job. Oh I so hope I get it! Please let me have some boredom! I can’t be stressed at home AND at work. Well, let me rephrase that: I obviously can function as I have been for some time, but I’ve got no […]

I went to my work holiday party and it was not horrible. Though, the day prior to the event, and leading up to when I arrived, I felt all twisty inside my guts. This was the second party I attended in the last decade (I think?). Unless you count group meetings at church events or […]

I have my “work” mode and my “home” mode. At work I am organized and clean. At home I’m cluttered and dirty. At work I have bright colors, birthday cards, employee notes of praise, flowers, punny sayings, and mementos up and neatly displayed in order to make my environment more “homey.”  At home I have […]

Well, I killed it today at my interview at the DA’s office with the District Attorney himself, after the 5 panel interview last week. His minions did the weeding out the candidates and I made the cut. My meeting with DA was easy by comparison, and consisted mostly of his getting to know my personality and […]

I’ve been preaching a lot to people in my life that sleep is a HUGE deal, an absolutely necessity, for emotional regulation and your health in general. Yet here I am, getting only about 4 hours of sleep a night this week and I’m frazzled, spacy, and slightly shaky. I think part of that is […]

Ugh, I can’t write. Part of that is that my job is on the line and so my mind has been preoccupied. I’m likely to either get fired or quit very very soon. Why? My work is making me unwell. I’ve been taking FMLA for a few days. Maybe another time. Can’t write about that […]