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Today is going well. I don’t hate work today. I’m getting along well with one of my co-workers in the same role and several of the therapists are getting comfortable with me. Overall, I’m still uncomfortable, and there are hours at a time where I am bored, and I don’t exactly like my job, but […]

Hi friends! I haven’t written because the only thing on my mind to write about has been work and I haven’t wanted to give the topic of work more space in my mind than it already has. But…today I don’t mind writing about it because today I have hope. I took the morning off for […]

Hi friends! I know, I know: nine days since I last wrote a blog post. You all are probably wondering what I’ve been up to (as I have you) or you might have just found my blog and are wondering what happened 139 days ago. 139 days ago I left my husband, moved into an […]

This song enters my brain immediately upon waking every day I work, especially the: “jump in the shower and the blood starts pumping…” as I stumble to the bathroom to bathe off the night sweats. Work was stressful today, but…better. I was really busy and felt intimidated again, but at least anxiety isn’t causing me […]

I’m currently watching the Canadian Broadcasting Channel (CBC) on my Roku TV. I find it’s a nice change from American news and enjoy hearing the different way they pronounce “out” and “about.” Also, it seems that the news casters are more racially and ethnically diverse. Today’s work day went better. Monday I realized I had […]