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I’m feeling a bit down/ill-at-ease. I didn’t take my meds 2x this week and I’m wondering if that’s why. I’m currently sitting outside the hospital courtyard waiting to be called to help a patient. I’m kicking myself because I accidentally cancelled my daughter’s therapy appointment. It’s more than kicking myself it’s the sunken feeling that […]

I’ve had some minor successes, which I would like to share here to remind myself when I’m feeling like a failure. 1. I learned how to put air in my tires. The low tire light was on in my vehicle and I solved the issue by going to an ATM and getting out cash (my […]

Sometimes things aren’t as busy at work and there is nothing to do but wait around for a therapist to ask me for help. In those times I try to do what I can to keep busy but it only passes so much time. I’m not supposed to read or do anything non-related to work […]

Today is going well. I don’t hate work today. I’m getting along well with one of my co-workers in the same role and several of the therapists are getting comfortable with me. Overall, I’m still uncomfortable, and there are hours at a time where I am bored, and I don’t exactly like my job, but […]

Hi friends! I haven’t written because the only thing on my mind to write about has been work and I haven’t wanted to give the topic of work more space in my mind than it already has. But…today I don’t mind writing about it because today I have hope. I took the morning off for […]