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Sorry, folks. I’ve given up on the Nano Poblano. I feel like my low-grade depression is getting in the way. I don’t know why I’m calling it “low-grade” depression. Depression is depression. Just because it’s not severe doesn’t mean it’s not serious. It’s affecting my quality of life. I got out of the house – […]

I’ve been on a trip visiting a great friend and, sadly, I have neglected my blog. You may say, But, Quix, you’ve been blogging every day! Well, these were scheduled posts and I haven’t been reading or commenting on blogs. Not that I need to apologize to you, per se, but it is something that […]

But no more, my friends! I’m committing to you now to respond to your comments within 48 business hours. Er, “business” meaning my non-work hours. Please accept my apology for not responding right away. Truly, I thought I had, but just because I think something doesn’t mean you’ve actually gotten a response from me! I’m […]

I saw this image of a sticky note that’s been floating around social media: And it got me wondering about where I was 5 years ago and what I’d hoped for. And then after I pondered that, I wondered where I’d like to be in 5 years from now. So, let’s get into that. First, […]

Ever since I had my friends over (which was a HUGE accomplishment) I’ve felt unsettled. I mean, at first, I felt hopeful and earlier in the week I was excited to receive my Halloween Costume (Rainbow Brite!), and felt I had things to look forward to. But this uneasiness has crept in. I have no […]