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It’s that time of year! Where I go over what happened in my life for the year. 1st of all, I regret that I haven’t listed a theme song for the past (6?) years that I’ve been doing my year-in-review posts. Here’s what my theme song would be for last year (2021): Better Now, by […]

I’m on my lunch break. I only just started the work day 2 hours ago and I’m already drowning. I had yesterday off to do my name change stuff because I have to work Saturday. I’ve got 5 big projects on my plate at work and I’m not able to juggle them all. On top […]

I’m not sure if this was a good idea or not, but alas I did it. At the last second, too. I’ve only been with this company for 5 months. What inspired me to apply for this promotion is a month ago one of my coworkers applied to be a supervisor on another team and […]