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But no more, my friends! I’m committing to you now to respond to your comments within 48 business hours. Er, “business” meaning my non-work hours. Please accept my apology for not responding right away. Truly, I thought I had, but just because I think something doesn’t mean you’ve actually gotten a response from me! I’m […]

I saw this image of a sticky note that’s been floating around social media: And it got me wondering about where I was 5 years ago and what I’d hoped for. And then after I pondered that, I wondered where I’d like to be in 5 years from now. So, let’s get into that. First, […]

Ever since I had my friends over (which was a HUGE accomplishment) I’ve felt unsettled. I mean, at first, I felt hopeful and earlier in the week I was excited to receive my Halloween Costume (Rainbow Brite!), and felt I had things to look forward to. But this uneasiness has crept in. I have no […]

I have two therapists right now. One is my regular therapist and another is from Better Help. Eventually I’ll have to quit seeing both, as I can’t afford both. Why did I seek out another therapist? I’ve been seeing my same therapist for 7 years. I wanted to see how another therapist might be able […]

I took a trip down memory lane. Reviewed my “year in review”s since 2015. Years 2016 and 2021 (last year) I was a bad ass. Those years required the most courage and willpower. This year pales by comparison. I have to remind myself of these things about this year: 1. I’ve lost 25 lbs this […]