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I have a carb app where I’m tracking everything I put into my mouth. I’m feeling hungry a lot and putting more calories into my mouth than I still need for my ideal weight, though my calories are still a deficit and are likely half of the calories I was putting into my body on […]

So yesterday I saw a bariatric/obesity specialist/menopause physician. He went over my labs and I’m slightly low in testerone, low in B12, prediabetic with fasting glucose and A1C, and my “bad” cholesterol is slightly high. He says I’m still ovulating and my estrogen and progesterone are good. So no perimenopause. My symptoms he says are […]

I had to work Saturday. It was the first Saturday we were open, and we got no calls. I had today off and was supposed to take my car in for inspection, and Lucy to the vet, but I didn’t get enough sleep and so I canceled those appointments and slept half the day. I’ve […]

21 days, baby! I’m still experiencing shame about my weight (as I’ve previously mentioned I’ve gotten quite big over the past few years), but I’m combatting this shame by taking selfies or allowing others to take pictures of me in social situations. The thing is, while I may find my body hideous, other people just […]

I went to see the weight loss doctor today. Though I haven’t seen the doctor yet; I saw the nurse and they ran lots of tests. She says I’m too young for perimenopausal symptoms and she thinks my symptoms are due to insulin-resistance (oh-my-god do I have diabetes???) but after talking to my mom, she […]