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This weekend my daughter got fed up with hearing about her friend’s accounts of her mother verbally abusing and neglecting her and so my daughter sent an extremely nasty text to the mom. I won’t share what she said but it was bad. Reading it, I felt like I was punched in the gut. My […]

***Note: this post has nothing to do with hydrangeas other than I wanted to show off the ones my MIL gifted to me from her garden cuz I want to share the little bit of happiness they bring me.*** I’m hesitant to share good news because, well, you know, THINGS CAN GO WRONG and THERE […]

I feel the knot loosened just a little bit, enough to write right now, I think. In the last two days I’ve had important conversations with my in-laws and, most importantly, my parents. My elders have many flaws but I do not doubt I am loved. My mother has been especially attentive. Now we’ll see […]

When I can write again, I will. It’ll likely be like a damn bursting with my words gushing out. I’m stressed out and I feel helpless. I’m taking my meds. I’m in therapy. It’s not enough. I need things to change. I need the actions I’m taking to work. And I need others to understand […]