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I’m just disappointed in myself. Let me have that, I ask. Dialectically, I’m allowed to have two thoughts in my mind simultaneously: I’m not living up to what I think are realistic standards yet I know I’m putting in a great deal of effort.  If I’m honest I don’t put in enough effort, though. What […]

Hi friends! Second post of the day. Just wanted to get in a little bit about my day this time. In the morning I had a tele-therapy appointment with my therapist. As usual, I talked 95% of the time and came up with my own plan for the week. Sometimes this leads me to think […]

In my last post, I stated if I didn’t write a cover letter for a job application then I’d write a post to explain why. The truth is I don’t believe anything will ever work out, which I also wrote in my last post. When I decided to just write the cover letter anyway, my […]

I got out of the house! Yup – I didn’t think I was going to make it. What gave me motivation today was my daughter’s attitude change. We took a look at her progress report and she (voluntarily) came up with a plan for devoting more time to the specific subjects she was struggling in. […]