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I created a Twitter account this weekend and I’m already thinking about deleting it. I have eschewed Twitter over the years, believing it to be evil incarnate. Really, Quix? Evil in the flesh. ::shrug:: I don’t know, friends I just like the way that phrase sounds. The truth of the matter is that Twitter is […]

Well, I killed it today at my interview at the DA’s office with the District Attorney himself, after the 5 panel interview last week. His minions did the weeding out the candidates and I made the cut.┬áMy meeting with DA was easy by comparison, and consisted mostly of his getting to know my personality and […]

My stream of thoughts at this very moment: I’m spending the day as a hermit, which is what I did yesterday as well. Oh no, not this again. Used to be my default. I’ve fought that tooth-n-nail. Barely left my bed. Changes, don’t want no stinkin’ changes. Shaking my head, hiding under the covers. What […]

I’ve been preaching a lot to people in my life that sleep is a HUGE deal, an absolutely necessity, for emotional regulation and your health in general. Yet here I am, getting only about 4 hours of sleep a night this week and I’m frazzled, spacy, and slightly shaky. I think part of that is […]

It’s a fact that the majority of what happens in our lives is outside our control. Accepting this is crucial to one’s sanity. And so is choosing to let go of the Why? question. Why? Well, sometimes you can search and search and search and never find the answer. I’m naturally curious by nature and […]

It’s never convenient. Do it now. There’s always an excuse. DO IT ANYWAY This is Day THIRTEEN