Deconversion Posts

Hi friends! Here are a list of my posts where I discussed my loss of faith. I hope to one day give my full “testimony” (to use the Christian lingo) of how I became a Christian and then 20 years later lost that faith, and how I am still an atheist four years later.

Bedtime Indoctrination November 9, 2015

pray for me

Who am I, Who are you? June 29, 2016


Deconversion Frosting July 20, 2016


Seven Virtues December 15, 2016


Life Doesn’t Make Narrative Sense December 31, 2017


Some more recent posts where I no longer had access to the cute Bitstrip images but are even more relevant:

Christian Lack of Boundaries September 9, 2018

#Exvangelical Twitter Grief December 3, 2018

Joshua Harris’ “Deconstruction” is Opening Old Wounds August 7, 2019

My Response to “I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye” August 12, 2019

Post about losing friendship because of my deconversion December 28, 2019

My Conversion Story:From Born to ‘Born Again’ December 28, 2019

Becoming Born Again December 29, 2019 (this post is password protected, email me at for password

Not sharing my ‘born again’ experience December 30, 2019



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