In the blogiverse I go by “Quixie.”

“Quixie” is short for “quixotic.” Someone once called me “quixotic” and I’ve come to wear it as a badge of honor. It means:

  • Idealistic
  • Unrealistic
  • Impractical

I was quixotic as a Christian and I’m still quixotic as an agnostic atheist. I strive to find the intersection between hope and reality.

On this blog, I write about my mental health journey with bipolar disorder, my loss of faith (deconversion), parenting teens, reading, exercise/health, work-life, and my marriage separation/divorce.

17 thoughts on “Introduction

    1. Howdy,ma’am! That’s not my typical greeting but as an American and former Texan I figure I’m allowed to use it. What’s a stereotypical greeting for you Aussies? All I know is G’day mate.

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    1. Oh, I like! What’s the proper way to answer that, though? I’d probably answer that I’m walking, or skating, or hopping, or by bus or car or plane, etc…

      What were you doing in Australia?

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      1. They say, “How ya going?” to mean, “How ya doing?” They’re very friendly people. .. a piece of my heart is there – our youngest daughter lives/works there, our son-in-law and five of the eleven grandchildren. I just got back mid-September and I’d hop on a plane tomorrow morning to get back if I could. . . sigh. . I love it there. Beautiful country with people even more laid back than here in Canada. 🙂 And I was in the cold part – it was winter! (you’ll see some pics on my blog)

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  1. Well mostly I say, ‘G’day’. Haha, I don’t tend to call people mate. Though I have a friend who does. She’ll say to me ‘hey mate’ And yeah, ‘how ya goin’. Definitely use the ‘ya’ a lot. Terrible we are, can’t be bothered speaking whole words.
    Anyway, finally found my way over here to your new place. Looks good.
    And if you make it here to Aus I’m sure you will have a few of us to show you around, eolandeeliva over west (forgive me if I’ve got that wrong) and me over nth east. And I dunno, you got any more of us following you Quixie?

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    1. I say “ya” a lot too but mostly in the context of “I love ya!” It’s a quick and easy way to express my affection for someone. “Told ya!” is what I tell someone if I was correct about something. Come to think of it Americans are lazy with their words as well!

      By “more of us” do you mean other Aussies? If so, I don’t know. Maybe other Aussies can give a shout out if they are here?

      That’s funny about the stereotype of Aussies calling other’s “mate.” I wonder if it’s a male thing? Kind of like how men over here call their male friends “bro” or “dude.”

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      1. I have a friend who is a linguistics master… as in she has something like the highest level of education in linguistics. She knows so much about language it blows my mind. She did a study on country (as in broke back mountain type men) American males language and well…. yeah, she knows heaps and would be able to expound on this… I have no clue. No clue as to what she actually knows except it is a lot along with no clue as to where I was actually going with this line of conversation…
        Everyone has their slang, and with the world becoming smaller I think there will be increasing cross overs in terms of usage and it not being typical to location. For example “bro” is used a fair bit here, my sons mate will say ‘hey, bro’.
        So I’m way all over the place. I can’t get my brain to sort anything into any real order. I’ll leave it there.

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        1. JJ, your brain is fine. 😛 I hope you are not offended by my saying this but I love your ramblings (sincerely).

          I’ve always found linguistics fascinating. I’m really interested in American accents and phrases, having lived all over the U.S. and having visited 47 of the 50 states (Alaska, Hawaii, and California are the three left). I think it’s funny that no one thinks they have an accent but everyone does! I also find it amusing that no one can place where I am from. Well, here in the U.S. anyway. If I were abroad I’m pretty sure people would know I’m American.

          I see what you are saying about the crossover of languages and cultures. That’s what kind of world we live in now — a beautiful hodgepodge.

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  2. Quixie, this is going to seem a real silly question. But I noticed you said that the avatar you chose bore some resemblance to yourself.

    I noted the avatar picture seemed to have freckles. Is that part of the resemblance?

    Just ignore this question if you would rather not answer.

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  3. You have a fun blog, But it can be hard to figure out how to get your most recent post up in order to comment. I can’t figure out what to click on. Like I can click on to the Christmas one that you did recently, But I can’t figure out how to click on to the one that you just did in order to comment.

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    1. Thanks for visiting my blog — I’m really honored because I really enjoy yours.

      About the comments…ugh, how annoying! 😕 When I first started this blog a few people pointed that out and I had forgotten about it, so thanks for reminding me. I need to revisit this issue because I don’t want it to be difficult for others to comment!

      Once I have access to a PC again (I’m on my phone) I’ll see if I can make some changes to make it work and I’ll comment here.

      Thanks again for stopping by!

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