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This post was written December 23 when I was visiting my mom in New Hampshire Politics ’round these parts We just couldn’t stay cooped up in the house any longer so my mom drove me past the road to one of Mitt Romney’s homes. This particular home in New Hampshire is one that my step-dad […]

Today was rough (like really, really rough) and what made it even rougher was I hardly slept, but also… I realized I needed to absorb as much information as possible because I have to work by myself tomorrow because the office manager is having surgery. Did you get that? After two days they expect me […]

First day at my new job and I’m pooped. (Is anyone surprised?) I went really well, though of course I was incredibly tense the whole day. My mouth was really dry despite sipping my water a lot; I felt a little shaky and disoriented; and my hips and lower back were clenched nearly continuously. Towards […]

Most days I walk 30 minutes to 75 minutes. Today was a 75 minute day. I had hoped on making it a 90-100 minute day but, sadly, my energy was low. Plus, the weather was in the high 70’s (25c), which isn’t hot, but the air was really humid so it felt sticky.   The […]

My laundry is drying so it’s time to start a new post. I need to read all these books before March 26. Why? Because that’s when the library book sale is and I’m not allowed to buy anymore books until I read the ones I have now that I haven’t read. (This is self-imposed rule). […]

I’m still feeling unsettled so in between chores I’m going to continue to blog-it-out. Expect more posts. My mom asked me if I was excited about Monday (when I start my new job). The answer is no. One of the reasons is that we only have one working vehicle in our family and based on […]

I’m feeling a bit of an emotional rawness right now and I figured I’d blog it out to deal with it because 9 times out of 10 that works. This evening I became preoccupied in thinking about when in 9th grade this creepy boy wrote me a love letter and stuck in my locker. I […]