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I have an account with Spotify and it suggests music I might like based on my listening history. I’ve noticed a trend: songs from bad ass bitches. Here are some of the songs it’s recommended that I love: Feel free to add your own list in the comments. I’m always open to listening to something […]

My work’s food pantry had some extra low carb tortilla wraps so I was inspired to make fajitas for dinner. I just got done slicing and marinating the chicken as well as the onions and peppers. Mmm, I love fajitas. Can’t wait! I’m still struggling a bit with a few things regarding my diet. The […]

Note: I’m re-posting this as I think it’s showing up in the Newsfeed dated August 27, the date I started the draft, even though I hit “publish” yesterday. Ah, yes, WP quirks. I got this post idea from makagutu‘s response to this post. 1. What is your religious background? Did you grow up in a […]

Today I woke up just before 8 a.m. (after 9 hours of sleep!) and went on a walk at a different park. It was hot; sweat was dripping down the side of my face. Even though the park is much prettier than my usual, I didn’t quite care for how crowded it was so I […]