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They were with me for 24 hours and told me they wanted to go back to their grandparents to spend time with their cousins while they are there. They weren’t unhappy here or anything – they were glad to be here – but they wanted some more time around people their own age. As soon […]

My kids are back with me! It’s my custody time. We have done the Exchange, but this time we didn’t do dinner all together. I dunno, my ex and I didn’t feel up to it. We exchanged pleasant conversation for 10 minutes and that was about it. The kids have been mostly at my ex’s […]

Today I got to stay home from work due to possible effects from Tropical Storm Elsa, which was good. Especially since Lucy was meowing on and off from 2am. I’m guessing she sensed an atmospheric change. I got a call from my boss at just before 7am and turned over in bed and tried to […]

I haven’t done anything this evening, not even cook. I had fast food for dinner. I haven’t thrown out the trash nor done laundry like I need to. I haven’t gone to the store for groceries or a light bulb I need for my lamp. I haven’t cleaned out my car. I haven’t made an […]

I spoke with my mom a little earlier because I was having a difficult time with slipping into depression. She asked me why and sometimes there is no why. Often there is no why. It can be faulty brain chemistry that takes meds to (hopefully) assist. In my case there was a why, but I […]