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I supposed it wasn’t a “vision,” per se, more like a visualization of peace. I floated in a sensory deprivation tank full of Epsom salt for the umpteenth time the other day. The reason why I went was that I got hit –hard–at the skating rink and I was still sore, days later. I figured […]

I’ve got a stress headache. My work is stressful but normally I can put that aside. The problem is my non-work hours are also stressful. My son just started high school. My daughter just dropped out but did go to orientation for the high school program at the local community college. But neither of them […]

I weighed in at my weight loss doctor’s appointment today: I lost 7 lbs since I started the program a month ago, 9 lbs down since I started changing my diet. I don’t look noticably different, but I do feel a little bit more confident and comfortable in my body. I physically feel a little […]

I have a carb app where I’m tracking everything I put into my mouth. I’m feeling hungry a lot and putting more calories into my mouth than I still need for my ideal weight, though my calories are still a deficit and are likely half of the calories I was putting into my body on […]

I had to work Saturday. It was the first Saturday we were open, and we got no calls. I had today off and was supposed to take my car in for inspection, and Lucy to the vet, but I didn’t get enough sleep and so I canceled those appointments and slept half the day. I’ve […]