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I haven’t written in 9 days and I don’t have much to say at the moment but I thought I’d pop on here and say HI. Tonight will be the 3rd night back on my antipsychotic. I know they say these things take weeks to kick in, but just like when I first started this […]

All fun aside, I’ve had a rough day, folks. My daughter had a complete meltdown at school. Then her period started and she was fine. I’m 95% sure she has PMDD (Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder). Here are the symptoms (just before your period): Mood swings Depression/feelings of hopelessness Intense anger Conflict with other people Tension Anxiety […]

My kids went back to their dad’s on Friday and I felt so alone and sad. My friends weren’t inviting me out and I couldn’t bring myself to ask them to hang out. I was convinced they were sick of me. I decided I was going to drink. I needed cat food anyway, so I […]

I got a new job! I got the offer a couple weeks ago. It starts on March 1. It’s for a local governmental agency that manages mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse issues. I’m going to be an “engagement specialist” or a “provide support service specialist.” Basically, I’ll answer questions from physicians about their […]

I’m afraid a decision I made will make me lose my new IRL (in real life) friends. Hear me out and let me know what you think. I had told Jillian (not her real name, for the sake of anonymity) that I would seriously consider adopting her neighbor’s stray kitty. She texted me today and […]