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One year ago I moved out of my ex-husband’s house and into my own apartment. In the state of North Carolina, you must live in separate residences for a year before you can file for divorce. I file for divorce on Tuesday (it’s the weekend and then there is Memorial Day, so Tuesday is the […]

Yep, I moved into my apartment 2 weeks ago! Gee, no one saw that coming from my last post. Right now my kids are with me. My son is watching the amazing series Avatar the Last Airbender (he’s literally watched the whole series 10x) and my daughter is taking a shower. First thing I did […]

Sometimes I wish I weren’t me. Like today. That I didn’t give a fuck what people thought of me and I didn’t have these pesky things called emotions tormenting me. It’s making me isolate and not communicate. At least I’m out and about, though. I’m at the library. Normally I’d hide from the public. I’ve […]