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I woke up at 5:44 am but was in the midst of keto flu. Last night when I got home I felt shaky so I ate some dinner and then laid down. I took a THREE HOUR nap, woke up for a couple hours and then went to sleep again at 11pm. During the night […]

More samples! So I don’t have to pay $1,000 a month for them. When I told her about my dramatic weight gain and anhedonia she said a decrease in my new med might help me. Huh? I asked, How could decreasing the medication help me? Then she pulled out a bunch of charts about this […]

Oh yeah I was the shit.  Well… truth was I was actually scared as shit.  I started the New Recruit roller derby training program 9 weeks ago. Since then I’ve met the minimum attendance requirements of 14 practices and there is one more officical practice to go before assessments.EEK! I say minimum because there were quite a few […]

I picked up a few books from my local library last week: I just finished the first book, America Hysteria: The Untold Story of Mass Political Extremism in the United States by Andrew Burt, and boy was it good! The book was published last year and is very timely with the upcoming Presidential election. I’ve […]

I was a Christian for 20 years and without it, Who am I? Answering that question is a bit complicated because it’s some combination of nature and nurture. I’ve studied my socialpsychobiological makeup ad nauseum (LOL) and what I find most helpful to me at this moment is studying personality theory to give me an […]