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My skin was crawling, as if there were bugs on it. I’m still feeling it, but it’s lessened. A result of Prozac. Prozac I took because of my lack of motivation. Having trouble keeping up with my apartment. Despite this, I lost 13lbs last month. Though I haven’t followed my weight-loss regiment these last 2 […]

Today I asked my boss if I could take a mental health day and she said yes! Wow, I can’t believe I was forthright. I was straight with her. I didn’t go into details, but she was very understanding. I’ve never had the courage to say this to a boss before. I felt like my […]

I came up with a solution just now to a problem. The lightbulb lit up immediately when I opened up WordPress: I am going to write down all the little things that are causing me anxiety and make a plan to start problem-solving them. Which sounds….so obvious and yet so smart. However, my guess is […]

Ever since I had my friends over (which was a HUGE accomplishment) I’ve felt unsettled. I mean, at first, I felt hopeful and earlier in the week I was excited to receive my Halloween Costume (Rainbow Brite!), and felt I had things to look forward to. But this uneasiness has crept in. I have no […]

I’ve got a stress headache. My work is stressful but normally I can put that aside. The problem is my non-work hours are also stressful. My son just started high school. My daughter just dropped out but did go to orientation for the high school program at the local community college. But neither of them […]