Nano Poblano 2015 · Twirly Whirly Girly

Fierce Females

Out of appreciation for Rarasaur’s lovely doodle/story about the Indian celebration Karva Chauth I promised her that I would post something here that she would enjoy.

Here you go Ra: I Bitstripped myself as a dinosaur. Rawr!


I’m just beginning to know Ra through Nano Poblano, but I can already tell that she is both fierce AND sweet. And, really, I think most women are.

Sure, when I was a little girl I loved to twirl around in my red tutu while thinking of butterflies and unicorns. I still like these things as well as rainbows and hearts (if you couldn’t tell from my Gravatar), but I also wanted to be part of the action and kick ass. Still want to.

After seeing the Karate Kid movies I was inspired to join a local Tae Kwon Do class and to gain some self-confidence and empowerment. Over a couple of years I worked my way up to one rank below Black Belt and had the chance to test for it before I went away for college, but by that time my heart was no longer in it due to trouble in my family home. When I got to college the TKD schools there practiced a different style and wanted me to start over as a White Belt! I just didn’t have enough patience to start over.

Even though I’m no longer kicking people’s butts I do enjoy watching other females kick butt through shows and movies. Here are some of my favs. Who are yours?

River Song from Doctor Who, the one woman who made a dalek beg for mercy:

river song

The other River (Tam) from the Firefly series/Serenity movie who can kill people with her mind:river tam ceiling

Kara Thrace aka. “Starbuck” from Battlestar Galactica, a badass pilot who is supposedly the “harbinger of death” to humanity.


Eowyn from Lord of The Rings, who disguises herself as a man and slays the Witch-King:


Speaking of disguises, Mulan dresses up as a man to fight for her family’s honor:


Undercover agent Sydney Bristow from the show Alias is a great example of sweet AND fierce:

bite me

Blue chick (Neytiri) in Avatar who is a skilled warrior who defends her people.

blue girl avatar

Speaking of Avatar, pretty much any role that Michelle Rodgriguez portrays (too bad they like to kill her off!):


Fast and Furious


Resident Evil


10 thoughts on “Fierce Females

  1. Black Widow!

    We just got through the storyline with Riversong at home recently. She is incredible. I’m still confused about what actually happened, though. [Spoiler alert] Reverse timelines? Kind of a weird twist on a long-distance relationship. Maybe someday I can explain it to myself when I meet me somewhere in the future. Allons-y!


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