You’ve been granted 3 wishes. What are they? (7 Days 7 Posts)

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Three Wishes

Before I get into my three wishes I want to express the panic I’d feel if it were actually possible for my three wishes to come true.


The Scream by Edvard Munch

Because, let’s face it, in every portrayal we’ve ever seen in entertainment the wishes are granted in such a way that makes things uncomfortable or – at times – horrific for the wisher, as the wishes often have an ominous spin on them.

Has anyone ever heard of The Monkey’s Paw? ::shiver::


Let me just admit I don’t do well with hypotheticals, but I’ll try my best. No one said it had to be a genie who granted my wishes, but they typically are the ones doing it. In my hypothetical I choose Jeannie the genie over other genies because she’s cute and she makes me laugh:

Obviously I’d set Jeannie free first and then let her choose if she wanted to granted me wishes or not, unlike some douchebags. Ahem, Aladdin.


I take it back. He’s too cute to hate.

In all seriousness, let’s get down to the Three Wishes. (It’s about time, Quix!)

WISH #1: To have a healthy body and mind

This seems like an obvious one, but physically I’d like to be in great shape. I don’t mean for vanity reasons, though that doesn’t hurt. I simply want to be able to move around with ease and without pain, and don’t want to be held back from life.

Additionally, my mood disorder makes me suffer needlessly. It robs me of my ability to enjoy life, often times even function, and keeps me inside my own head instead of out there making a positive difference in the world.

WISH #2: Ability to travel to see all my family and friends

If I had the time and money I’d visit my extended family, all the friends I’ve lost touch with, and all the new friends I’ve made and haven’t met in real life. If #1 were granted first it would make this wish easier, because I wouldn’t be so afraid of really connecting with others in real life. #1 feels essential, my second wish would bring me joy.

WISH #3: My kids to feel safe and secure

Above all, even more than the first two, I want my kids to feel like they are okay, that they are safe and secure. Physically, psychologically, emotionally, socially, financially, etc. All the above. My current way of trying to make this happen isn’t working. It’d be easier for a genie to just give it to them. But, nope, I’m a parent (a lousy one in this regard) and I have to find a way to make it happen.

Wow, that got serious. But, ya know what, it reveals what’s in my heart and why I’m unhappy a lot at home.

I can work on all three of these wishes to make them come true. Not fully in the way I’d like them too, but they are certainly goals I can reach for.

What about you?

What would your three wishes be?


17 thoughts on “You’ve been granted 3 wishes. What are they? (7 Days 7 Posts)

  1. Jeanie!! Yes! She’s so cute haha 😀 I love your wishes. I wish you didn’t feel how you feel in #3 though, what makes you feel this way? The fact you are putting their needs out there and wanting nothing but the best for them shows that you’re in fact a wonderful mother. You are doing your best. ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. These are great wishes. I definitely understnad you’d want a genie to make sure your kids are safe and secure. After all, parenting is about the hardest job in life (which is one reason I choose to remain childless).

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  3. Hmm. I’ve been thinking about this one for awhile, and the first answers I came up with were for me personally. But then I thought that I should try to turn them into wishes that benefit me and also everybody else.

    Wish #1: A vaccine against being overweight. Works retroactively also. Nobody ever has to be fat again. (That would help a lot of my other health issues, too.)

    Wish #2: An end to the human tendency to “us vs.them” tribalism. People will still be able to be a member of a group that they enjoy, but without hating or demonizing the “other”. That would fix a lot of the problems with religion and politics.

    Wish #3: There’s so much else that I want to fix, and three wishes aren’t enough. So my third wish is that I be a real-life Wizard. Then I should have more ability to fix other stuff myself.

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    1. Ubi, I love your three wishes! They would solve so many problems. #1 would save lives. Come to think of it, #2 would save lives and if you had #3 you could get your own personal wishes to come true too.

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  4. I love that you chose Jeannie! I’m a huge fan of the show and have been hoping that Amazon Prime would add it to their collection. They recently removed the I Love Lucy Best Of Seasons, so that created a hole in my vintage viewing.
    Also, if I was a parent, I cannot see how the safety of my children would ever escape me as a wish!
    Lastly, apologies for my shameless plug here, but because you mentioned how wishes can get twisted, it relates to what I ended up posting about for the blog challenge, if you’re interested!

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    1. I used to watch I Dream of Jeanie on Nick-at-Nite (used to be on Nickelodean when I was a kid). I used to watch the Mary Tyler Moore show, Bob Newhart, and Get Smart. Have you ever seen those shows?

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      1. I watched them when they weren’t reruns! I even watched the Original Star Trek before it was in reruns too. That really makes me feel old.

        I remember when I was a kid, the CBS Saturday night lineup was All in the Family, MAS*H, Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, and then ending with Carol Burnett. It was the most epic lineup ever, and I never wanted be anywhere else that night.

        (And don’t forget Bewitched and The Addams Family. Great stuff back then!)

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        1. I feel like I’m always making you feel old, Ubi (so sorry!) I love the original Star Trek. And I liked Bewitched and the Addams Family. I also watched Bewitched, The Jetson, the Brady Bunch, and Happy Days. They all just made me happy. I think I may have been born into the wrong generation.

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          1. My sister was obsessed with The Brady Bunch. Happy Days was a big thing during my middle and high-school years. Sounds like you should have been a “late boomer”. (Except for disco – that totally sucked.)


          2. It depends on the cutoff dates you use. Most of the brackets I’ve seen put the last year for Baby Boomers as 1964, which was the year I was born. That makes me a boomer, just barely.

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      2. Yes! All, except Bob Newhart. I really miss Nick At Night! I didn’t get to know those shows as well because of my bedtime, if I recall correctly. But whenever I got the chance, I watched. I loved how vibrant the technicolor (?) shows were. I think I also watched the Andy Griffith Show and Dick Van Dyke. 😀

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