Day 19: Lucy is home!

She likes my bed.
She really likes my bed.

Vet says she’s about 1-2 years old, spayed, no microchip and very healthy. The vet wasn’t letting anyone in the office so they took her inside gave her an exam and some vaccines, did a leukemia/AIDS test, and oh wow, it was NOT cheap. But I was happy to take Lucy home.

Actually, to be honest I was anxious. I’ve been anxious most of the day, until I took my anxiety med (which is a beta blocker) a couple hours ago.

Kids and I are sitting on the porch while Lucy sleeps inside. It’s raining. A thunderstorm. It is really relaxing. Just a few minutes ago I was laying on my bed watching Lucy sleep. Just feeling…okay.

A couple hours ago Lucy had run under the bed. My bed frame is only a couple inches off the floor. She had trouble getting out. My son was insisting on it. I said she was fine, just scared. I knew she was stuck when I tried luring her out of the bed with food and she got half way out and meowed in distress. I tried to get her out and she scurried back under the bed. Whenever we’d lift the box spring and mattress up she’d run in the corner of the bed frame and we couldn’t get to her. Finally, we just slid the box spring and mattress off the frame and out she came and she was hungry. Poor girl.

Since then she’s been happy, curious, lots of purring. She likes my daughter the best I think. Every time she rubs her head against my son’s hand he smiles and says, “thank you.”

My kids have been very attentive to Lucy. And now, she’s hid under the bed again because of the storm! I checked on her…she’s asleep. She has yet to go potty. I keep bringing her to the litter box and she keeps popping back out. I’m expecting an accident sometime soon. Either on or under my bed :/

I go back to work tomorrow after 4 days off. I need to go food shopping but it’s a really bad storm outside.

My mom asked, What are the kids going to do without you there. Be on their gadgets, I suppose? She’s really been stressing me out with her questions the past couple days. She’s asked me a million questions and made a million suggestions. She must be anxious as well. Anyway, I answered, “Play with the cat, of course!”

I think I started getting really stressed out when the kids came to live with me. I’ll admit, I’ll be less stressed when they are not here. It was bizarre being by myself when I first moved into my apartment, now I’m dealing with my kids adjusting to being here. The good things is they are teens and I can just leave them be if I need to do something (like go to work).Plus, I trust them to take care of Lucy.

When my kids and I get into the car they request the following ’80s hits and we bop our head and sing these at the top of our lungs.

First, a classic (I swear I’m not trolling you – they love it):

Then, another classic, with a cool music video:

And finally, this classic:

I’m glad we can find music that we all like, because that can prove difficult.

I’ve been an anxious wreck the past few days. I’ve calmed down a little, but I’m not used to an animal I’m to care for being in my house. I wish she were back on my bed sleep there, that was relaxing.

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