My cat’s nicknames

My cat’s name is Lucy, but I refer to her by the most ridiculous names:

  • Lucify
  • Lucifee
  • Lucificious
  • Babe-a-licious
  • Babe-a-loo
  • Pretty princess
  • Baby girl
  • Sweet baby girl
  • The most beautiful girl in the world (except [my daughter’s name])
  • My little predator

Please tell me this is healthy. What do you call your fur baby?

9 thoughts on “My cat’s nicknames

  1. Regulus, Reg, Reggie, Mr. Fluffy-pants, “Cat”, Thunderpaws, You Malevolent Gargoyle!, Mr. Floofs and Poofs, Loaf on the Soaf, The Dreaded Butterwort, a Cat-shaped Hole in the Universe, The Void.

    Yours seem pretty normal to me.

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  2. Perfectly normal. I used to call my cat, Cammie, Baby Girl! Also: Chunkasaurus, Cameroon, Cammie baby, Silly Girl, my manatee (she used to sleep on her back with paws spread out—made her look like a manatee. There are others. She died in December of 2020. I miss her so much. She was the most special cat.❤️‍🩹

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