Pain in my ass

I got divorced on July 8th and decided to change my last name back to my birth name. So far the process for updating my name on everything has just been a minor annoyance, however changing my name at work has been a thorn in my side.

Yesterday I couldn’t work for 4 hours because of it. I got behind. Fortunately, my coworkers were able to pick up the slack. I really appreciate them. But now today I see I can’t send external emails. It’s Saturday so nothing is going to be resolved today.

I’m starting to get used to my new (old) last name again. I’ve introduced myself with my married name a few times recently but occasionally I do say the correct name. It’s getting easier.

I have a couple people who happily call me, “Miss [My Last Name]”. They emphasize the “miss.” They know I’m happy to no longer be married. The fact that they acknowledge that makes me happy.

Now if only I can get this name changing over and done with — that would be a relief.


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Hi! I go by "Quixie." Quixie is a shortened version of "quixotic," which means: "exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical." It's how I described my evangelical Christian faith when I started blogging 7 years ago. Now I'm an agnostic atheist who is trying to find a balance between idealism and reality. I write about my mental health journey with bipolar disorder, my loss of faith (deconversion), parenting teens, reading, exercise/health, work-life, and my marriage separation/divorce.